We offer three cleaning options to suit your needs and budget.

1. A low cost Basic Clean for items which only need a light freshen up.

2. A Preferred Clean which is, oddly enough, what most of our clients prefer! This is a high performance 5 stage clean which also conditions and de-odorises the fabrics.

3. A High Profile Clean for difficult fabrics which have loose dyes, are water sensitive, or are very heavily soiled and stained. We can also apply treatments such as protectors, anti statics and fire retardants if required, but don't be surprised if we tell you you don't need these products.

Whatever option you choose, your upholstery will look better, smell better, and last longer too!

Why choose Chameleon Cleaning?

Chameleon Cleaning are fully trained, highly skilled and experienced. We identify and test the fabric in your upholstery first, and then recommend the most effective and safest method of cleaning it.

Most fabrics can be 'wet cleaned', but this doesn't mean they should take days to dry. We can have them clean, dry and back in use in a matter of hours. If you have water sensitive fabrics which can't be wet cleaned, we can use Low Moisture or Dry Cleaning options instead.

Not all companies share our level of knowledge or care. So why take the risk of having a poorly trained cleaner ruin your upholstery?

And don't forget, we operate to Industry and Government Approved standards. How many other cleaners offer this level of consumer protection? Search the TrustMark website to find out - www.trustmark.org.uk


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Why Clean Upholstery?

Your upholstery fabrics get nearly as much use as your clothes. Would you wear your clothes without ever washing them? Probably not! Body oils from contact with skin and hair, food and drink spills, dust, air pollution, newsprint, pets and children all conspire to shorten the life of your upholstery fabrics.

Avoid DIY Disasters!

If you don't know the best method for cleaning upholstery yourself - be careful! Reading the manufacturer's label will not help, and taking a 'DIY' approach to upholstery cleaning can do more harm than good. Many supermarket products for cleaning upholstery can cause bleaching, dye movement or leave sticky residues which make the fabrics get dirty again more quickly. We identify and test your fabrics first to ensure the cleaning process and products are the correct ones for your fabric.