Ink Stain on your leather upholstery?


DO NOT put hair spray, nail polish remover, dry cleaning fluid, baby wipes, furniture polish,washing up liquid, or any other household cleaners on your leather - they will all cause damage and make it more difficult to remove the ink.

Leather draws ink down in to its structure, so the sooner you act, the better the chance you have of removing the mark. Ink removal products can be purchased on line, but we only recommend products from LTT Leather Care or Furniture Clinic. Follow the instructions carefully, be gentle, be patient, and be prepared for it not to work!

If it does work, great. If it doesn't, on pigmented leathers we can strip the damaged finish from the leather and refinish the area for a relatively small charge. On other types of leather it may not be possible to remove the ink, but please call us and we will do what we can.