Inspection Services

We offer an independant inspection service for problems with all carpets, fabrics, upholstery and other soft furnishings. This includes manufacturing faults, installation problems, premature wear and damage or issues resulting from cleaning processes.

If a problem arises with any item of soft furnishings, we are able to inspect the item, investigate the problem, report on the cause, establish liability and assist in reaching a resolution between the parties involved. Should resolution not be possible, we can also prepare evidence for court and attend to bear witness should resolution not be possible.

We can offer this service to members of the public, cleaners, retailers, manufacturers and insurers.

Our investigations are independant and unbiased, irrespective of which party contracts us to undertake an inspection and investigation.

Inspections typically include a site visit to ascertain the nature of the fault, including the taking of photographic evidence and the collection of samples for laboritory testing as required, followed by the preparation of a comprehensive report detailing the nature of the fault, its cause and liability for the fault, along with suggested actions for rectification or resolution.

For further information and our fee structure, please contact Glyn on 01603864758


Typical Faults

The types of faults we are called to investigate can include the following;

Stripes, missing, altered or "rogue" colours

Installation damage and faults

Colour changes due to sunlight, wear, cleaning etc

Pile reversal / shading / watermarking

Premature wear

Dye bleedand texture change

Rippling, shrinkage and expansion

Seam failure

If you are unhappy with your carpet, upholstery or other soft furnishings following delivery, fitting or cleaning, or if you think it is wearing out prematurely, please contact us for an appraisal.