Will my carpet or curtains shrink?


If they are cleaned incorrectly, they might!

With carpets, whether or not it could shrink depends on the way the carpet is made, what it is made of, what the backing is and how it has been fitted. A professional carpet cleaner will check all these things either when they quote, or before they start cleaning, to make sure the carpet will not shrink.

With fabrics such as curtains, the main factor affecting shrinkage is the type of fibre the fabric is made from. If this is correctly identified, using the appropriate cleaning procedures and solutions will prevent shrinkage. Just one more reason to choose a properly trained proffessional!

Remember, upholstery fabrics can shrink too - even if they are stretched tight on the frame - and with fabrics, shrinkage is not the only problem. Dye migration, browning and pile distortion can all be caused or made worse by inappropriate cleaning methods. Some upholstery fabrics and constructions are not suitable for wet cleaning. Fibres like viscose are water sensitive, and piled fabrics like velvets and velours may not be suitable for wet cleaning if they are made from fibres such as cotton or linen.

Make sure your cleaner is fully trained before you let them loose in your home!