It's cheaper to hire a machine and do it myself - why use Chameleon Cleaning?


It is certainly better value to use Chameleon Cleaning. Here's why . . .

If you take a DIY approach, or contract a cheap/unqualified cleaner, you run the risk of using the wrong cleaning methods and products. This can lead to rapid resoiling of carpets, or worse still cause the carpets to shrink.

A professional carpet cleaner will identify the types of fibre in the carpet and how it has been constructed, then use the appropriate methods and products to produce the best cleaning results possible without causing rapid re-soiling or damaging the carpet structure. Do you know what pH product is suitable for cleaning your carpet? I doubt it, but a professional carpet cleaner should!

Also, do you think the people who hire you a carpet cleaning machine will sell you a product which prevents resoiling and keep your carpets looking clean and fresh for as long as possible? Or do you think they will sell you a product which promotes resoiling so that your carpets look dirty again quickly, forcing you to hire the machine again?